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Posture problems for students: See how to avoid posture problems when studying

Posture tips for students when studying

Posture effects on student’s health:
Posture plays an essential role in keeping the human body aligned and free of pain.The usual habits of students like slouching over computers, slinging heavy backpacks over one shoulder and squeezing into those too-small classroom desks are posture-ruining actions that many students perform daily. Not many students are aware of the importance of good posture, so they continue with the bad habits that could lead to serious health problems and discomfort such as back and neck pain, headaches and even more serious issues such as slipped disks in the spine or stretched ligaments.

Simple solutions to bad student posture for learning:
Educators need to pay particular attention to posture, because students spend many hours with tablets and in front of computers and these devices have not necessarily been developed with good posture in mind.

As a student you should keep few things to keep in mind to avoid a bad posture

  • Students should always be sitting with their feet flat on the floor, as dangling feet invariably mean a curved spine.
  • Must take a few break from time to time.

Adjusting your backpack:

  • It hurts your back because the weight you carry on your backpack.
  • The gap between your back and your backpack is what causes the stress to your back, though, which damages your posture at the end.
  • To fix this, adjust your backpack handles so it can be as close to your back as possible to avoid your spine to curve excessively when carrying your backpack.

Unload your backpack:

  • Do not carry everything in your backpack and loading it with heavy school supplies is not good for your back or your posture.
  • Leave the heavy supplies at your home and take a good walk home every time.
  • This will -literally- take weight from your back and will improve your posture.

Wear both stripes of your backpack:

  • By carrying backpacks on just one shoulder can lead to a bad posture and back problems. Do not follow this trend, and use both straps of your backpack so the weight is evenly distributed on your back.


  • Exercising for few minutes makes you active and activates the body and muscles.
  • Balancing studying, working, and your social life is stressful, and this stress is reflected on your back. Exercise, free endorphins and be less stressed.

Avoid slouching at your desk:

  • Try to improve your posture and productivity by sitting upright during your classes.

Rearrange your desk:

  • While looking down at your computer may cause stress to your spine, and having to stretch your arm to grab the yellow highlighter across the table is not good for your posture.

Give your phone a rest:

  • Your phone is actually killing your neck.
  • Being a student and balancing it all is hard, but not impossible. You already read all about text neck, so remember that next time you find your neck being tense or hurting.

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