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Posture Correcting Brace - Smart Back Brace - SBB - Free iPhone & Android App Included - Free Shipping

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Product Description of SMART BACK BRACE (SBB) Posture Corrector:

The SBB will pull your shoulders back using straps. At the same time, special sensors inside of SBB can accurately detect when you are slouching. If slouching exceeds set value, which you specify in the app, the unit will vibrate. 

iPhone & Android

SBB is compatible with all iPhone 4+ and Android 4.3+ smartphones.

One Size Fits Most

The SBB was designed to fit most body types - from kids to adults.

Long Lasting

MicroUSB Rechargeable battery will last days on one charge.



  • While other "smart" posture correcting devices are measuring an angle of your body in relation to vertical axis, the SBB is measuring how slouched your shoulders are. This is a much more accurate way to determine bad posture. It produces virtually no false-positive warnings. 

  • The SBB has straps that go around your shoulders. It actually, physically helps you to pull those shoulders back. The other "smart" posture correctors are simple clip-on or stick-on gadgets. They do not physically help you. With SBB you get double the value - standard clavicle brace is combined with "smart" posture sensing technology.

Look better! Feel better!

Proper posture is a must for healthy body.

Don’t waste your money on those other, gimmicky posture correcting gadgets – they do not work. Smart Back Brace is guaranteed to work or your money back! You will feel it the very first time you put it on! It’s time you fix your posture problem.

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SBB - Unboxing and Assembly Video:

SBB - How To Adjust Straps:

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